Fun2work has been created to share more than 35 years of experience increasing productivity through Happiness. A happy environment generates a multitude of positive efforts that produce results beyond expectation almost everytime. Let us help you generate a Happiness promoting culture.

We are interested in enhancing work environments through the promotion of Happiness. Our interventions and all of our actions are dedicated to improving the efficiency, the productivity through Happiness generating habits.

We have taken businesses that had been failing for years and through cooperation, hard work and dedication have turn the business around by developing a Happiness promoting environment.


We are dedicated to helping our customers and their employees in developing a Happiness promoting culture, which in turn profits everyone.

Management coaching

We offer consulting services to improve the work environment and build strong and lasting cultures.


We create workshops that are adapted to the needs of our customers, in small or large groups.


We offer seminars which are geared towards general understanding of Happiness in the workplace. Although somewhat adapted to the audience, they are focused on Happiness of all attendees.


We offer tools to measure the level of Happiness and satisfaction within the organization.